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Who Are We?

The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta is one of the oldest established Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy schools.
Our experienced director Anny Slegten has been running the Institute since 1984. Anny is a full time Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Because of Anny’s years of experience, our Institute leads the industry. Anny continues helping clients and developing cutting edge hypnosis techniques in her full time hypnotherapy practice.


Practicing full time keeps Anny's teaching current. Because Anny is current, she can share her expertise and teaches hypnosis in all its forms and applications.
Hypnosis is ever evolving and Anny is at the leading edge of the industry. As a student learning hypnosis here, you are truly learning the most effective hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques. 

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What We Do

The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta utilizes proven and effective methods to teach and train students to become confident, qualified, and competent hypnotists and hypnotherapists.
With over 430 hours of class time, The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta is recognized as one of the most comprehensive and accomplished hypnosis training facilities in the world offering training and certification in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, and Hypnosis Assisted Birthing.

​Class time includes instruction, demonstration, and practice. This allows learning as well as integration and development of technique and application within a safe and supervised setting. Each student has the opportunity to see as well as experience hypnosis and hypnotherapy as an observer and as a participant. Many of the demonstrations are recorded and a DVD is then included as part of the classroom materials for each student, providing a unique and valuable resource specific to those in attendance.
Since 1984 students and graduates have been developing an ever-growing network of colleagues and friends that continue to support each other and the school, and to advance the understanding, applications, and benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Contact us today and move your career and your life exactly where you want it.

Why Choose Us?

As you have searched the web, you most likely found that several Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy schools offer courses by the same names and even the same numbers.

What is the difference?  Although they advertise for the same program, each University has their own requirements, curriculum and reputation regarding the quality of the degree a student can obtain upon completion of the program.

The same goes for training in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  Each school is independent and establishes its own prerequisites.  Since you are entering an unregulated field of study, examine the integrity of training the school offers.  The professional designations are usually similar, but what kind of training will you receive?

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are people skills best learned in a classroom setting. In this field, we connect with real people, their sorrow, their fears, their hopes, their visions, their joy, and their wants.  At the completion of the training, many of our students have acknowledged the incredible plus-value of a face-to-face classroom setting.

At the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, we begin by learning how hypnosis works, and progress to using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, helping a client to regress from effect back to cause, to resolve whatever has to be resolved.  Read more about our Hypnosis courses.

Hypnosis Certification

Once you are a Hypnotism Training Institute (HTI) of Alberta Certified Hypnotherapist (with 219 hours of study), you can additionally be certified by the following:
  • IMDHA – The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • NGH – The National Guild of Hypnotists

​As a Certified Hypnotherapist, you hold the Master Key to open the door to more advanced courses, should you decide to do so. These may include Hypno-Baby Birthing Facilitator, The Complete Stage Hypnosis Master Course, Hypnosis and the Paranormal, Physiological Stress Release, and more. After completion of hypnosis and the Paranormal, and Physiological Stress release, you will be granted the designation of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a fascinating field, and the higher your level of training and understanding of the subject matter, the more rewarding the results. All of this at levels you would have never thought of reaching.

It’s yours to discover!

Want to learn more about the fascinating world of hypnosis?

We offer Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta Certified Hypnotherapists  
an additional and optional 2-day course and 4 week long courses for a total of more than 200 hours.

We also offer Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  

Upon having obtained the qualification of Certified Hypnotherapist, you will have the option to take
an additional 2 week long course for an additional 100 hours of training.


Upon having completed more than 300 hours of training, you will obtain
the qualification of Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Continuing Education

Learn about our Continuing Education courses!


& International


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Meet Anny Slegten

Anny Slegten is the founder and Director of The Reiki Training Centre of Canada and the Director of the esteemed Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, where she formulates hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses.  Anny has also developed and continues to teach the many applications of hypnosis in all its forms and applications. 

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”

- Buddha

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