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HYP 203, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Here I am, having just taught HYP 203, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, the first week of

the week-long training course in Regression Therapy.

This course is very advanced in its field, stretching the students comfort zone, opening their mind to places they did not know were the essence of life.

During this course, I lead the students into a very comforting special quality of hypnotic relaxation.

Demonstrations such as this are always filmed so the students can have their own copy of the film for future reference.

As often happens, my students made me aware when they wish an adjustment to be made to my training resources. Hence finding me now at the computer, updating the script ‘Love yourself into the future’ to clearly indicating for them at what point in the self-hypnosis script they can personalise for themselves or their future clients to adjust the narration in order to produce their own recordings, expressing what they want the great pleasure to experience and sustain. I also added the option at the end of the narration with the script for ‘a good night sleep’ instead of the regular 1-2-3-4-5 should they decide to fall asleep listening to the recording instead of coming back to full awareness.

Life evolves, and so is the way we think and function in life.

Students as well as private present and distance clients,are very precious to me.

Coming from all walk of life, different countries, different backgrounds and life experiences, they keep me in touch with the present reality of life, allowing me to always be up-to-date in my teaching and practicing hypnosis, hypnotherapy, as well as Energy work such as Reiki, and more.



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