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HYP 602 - Physiological Stress Release

(Time Investment: 50 hours)

*Prerequisite: HYP 101, 201, 202, 203, 204 & 601

This course is all about the Soma, the physical body, and the use of accessing the etheric body to obtain what is going on inside of a body and express itself in the physical body.

The Workshop (presented in 5 parts)

1) Hypnosis in the Field - for emergencies and emergency medical responders

2) Body Cell Regression

The Question

Is it possible to take control over genetics, and limitations placed on us by our ancestors?  Can these limitations be the residues of physical and emotional traumas manifesting in various physical and emotional disorders?


Emotions are ‘frozen’ in the cells (genetic memory) and passed on from generation to generation.  For this technique, the client goes down the family tree, accessing ancestral memories, to unlock the cause of the “family curse”.  The intentions are to free future generations from these limitations, as well as restoring physical equilibrium to the present generation, allowing the body to enjoy perfect harmony as presently intended.

3) Emotional Stress Release

The Question

Can a harmonious bond between the psyche and the soma be restored, allowing the body to enjoy perfect harmony as it was originally intended?


Emotional Stress Release can be effective in many situations, including in cases of discovering the impact of a highly emotional event, frozen in the body.


After an accident or traumatic event, “chronic pain” can be manifestations of emotional issues (it becomes evident when after exhausting all physical resources, a person is told “it’s all in the head”). Counseling techniques on the trigger and releasing of these issues will be demonstrated. The technique is simple, compassionate, and usually restores emotional order in one session.

4) Physical Stress Release

The Technique

The client is first lead into a hypnotic trance, and then encouraged to access and trigger the memories of the trauma by acknowledging a physical discomfort.  As stated before, this technique is as efficient as it is simple.  The information comes spontaneously and with great emotion.  There will be demonstrations followed by practice sessions.

5) Accessing what is going on inside, affective the outside, the physical body

The Technique

This part is about 'reading' a person, an animal or even an energy field of anything that exists.  There are many techniques to do so, including reading a person's or animal's energy field to know where the body hurts... if any (!) as well as how the physical body responds to street drugs and medication. 

The Results

With emotional order comes clear memory and an awakening of the body.  Consequently, some clients have experienced total feeling back in their limbs; total freedom from allergies; complete release of chronic pain; just to mention a few cases.  Remember, the technique being demonstrated is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological help. Instead it is a powerful adjunct.


To quote Plato, 428 - 348 BC:

"To heal the body, you must first heal the mind"

Time:  Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 5:30 pm or later

Instructor:  Anny Slegten, Director HTIA


Deposit – $200.00 
Full Payment – $1569.75 
(within 3 yrs) – $785.00

A certificate will be presented upon completion
of this course

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