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HYP 601 - Hypnotherapy and the Paranormal

(a Transpersonal Hypnosis course)

(Time Investment: 50 hours)

*Prerequisite: HYP 101, 201, 202, 203 & 204

This course is all about the Psyche.

The Situation

Karmic conditions, recurring “bad luck”, mood swings, sudden changes in personality, hallucinations, visions, voices, split personality, multiple personalities, and other situations emerging during a consultation.

Part of the Solution

Increasing awareness as to the possible origins of these conditions in order to help clients/patients resolve what torments them, setting them free and enabling them to become fully functional human beings.

The Seminar

A fascinating 5 days, introducing the use and applications of hypnotherapy to access a world alive and well to the client, and beyond our 3 dimensional perception.  Age regression, pre- and peri-natal regression, the near-death experience, the after death experience as well as past life therapy techniques pertaining to the subject taught will be described and demonstrated.

The Course

The course consists of lectures, video presentation, live demonstrations including Remote Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy session In Absentia (through a surrogate).  This latest technique was originally developed by Anny Slegten in 1987 to work with people in a coma, and people who are unable to communicate.  It has since proven effective in a full range of situations, including removing intrusive energies from people, land, houses and buildings.  Each person in attendance will have the opportunity to experience being a surrogate.

Since many techniques used to work during Remote Hypnotherapy Sessions are similar to techniques used when doing Astral Projection, Astral Projection is now part of what will be taught in this course.

Time:  Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 5:30 pm or later

Instructor:  Anny Slegten, Director HTIA


Deposit – $200.00 
Full Payment – $1569.75 
(within 3 yrs) – $785.00

A certificate will be presented upon completion
of this course

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