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HYP 501 - Group Hypnosis, Seminars, and Stage Hypnosis Master Course

(Time Investment: 50 hours)

*Prerequisite: HYP 204 or equivalent

You’ve spent your time learning hypnosis to help one person at a time. That’s great! Have you ever thought about helping more than one person at a time?

Group hypnosis is very different than one on one. You have to be competent in hypnosis, and you need important skills to communicate through writing, speaking, engaging, and entertaining the groups you’re presenting to.

If you want to help many people using group hypnosis, learn these important skills to create and deliver excellent presentations, seminars, and stage hypnosis shows.

This course focuses on how to use hypnosis how to deliver profitable hypnosis workshops and seminars and for entertainment. You will learn to successfully use public speaking and stage hypnosis to build your hypnosis/hypnotherapy business and reach more clients to help them.

In this course you will learn:

  • What it takes to get started.

  • Preparation of shows and seminars.

  • Stage presentation.

  • How to keep the audience's interest.

  • How to read, evaluate and effectively hypnotize multiple subjects quickly.

  • How to efficiently hypnotize large groups.

  • Running seminars and shows from start to finish.

  • Booking agencies and other important associates.

  • The legal side including contracts, insurance and liability.

  • How to use equipment for sound, lights, special effects and other productions.

  • Seminar topic and content development.

  • Show content and skit development.

  • How to make your shows and seminars unique.

  • Hands on approach to your hypnosis practice and business.

  • How to run your business on the road effectively and efficiently.

  • How to build multiple streams of income with your hypnosis business.

  • The role of speaking, training, coaching and consulting with hypnosis.

Learn all this and more with one of North America’s most popular hypnotists: Colin Christopher.  Colin has had the pleasure of hypnotizing people on over 100 different TV shows on networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Global, City, CTV and many others. Check out some of his fun TV appearances at

This course focuses on how to successfully use hypnosis for seminars, entertainment and public presentations. Therefore, it is important for you to have a good command of inductions and use of trance.

Want to take this excellent course but did not take your hypnosis training with us? We are happy to have you join us. An Education Certificate will be presented to every person attending this course. When registering for this course, let us know where you took your hypnosis training.

Go ahead, join the class and get ready to share in the fun and excitement!

Time:  This is a full five-day course
from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Instructor:  Colin Christopher

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stage Hypnotist, Author, Speaker


Deposit - $200.00

Full Payment – $1569.75

Review (within 3 years) - $785.00 

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