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HYP 101 - Hypnosis, An Introduction

(referred to as "The Basic")

(Time Investment: 19 hours)

Experience 6 wonderful hypnotic trances:

  • hypnotise yourself

  • hypnotise another person for relaxation

  • make your visualisations become reality

  • effectively write your own motivational or self-hypnosis scripts for whatever you are intending - from personal to occupational or your business

During this fascinating two-day course, you will also learn:

  • the basics of hypnotic trance

  • what makes a person go into a trance

  • when a person is open to suggestions

  • how the psyche is impressed

  • how suggestions are reinforced

  • understand how the subconscious mind works

  • and much more!

The Personal Benefits

Although the weekend is interactive, your realizations will be unique and depend on you.
It is a fun way to discover interesting and enlightening things about yourself!
This course is developed, updated, and presented by Anny Slegten since 1984.
Anny’s students say it is one of their favorite courses that they love to attend over and over again.

Time:  Saturday 9:00 am – 6:30 pm or later
Sunday 9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Instructor:  Anny Slegten, Director HTIA


Deposit – $200.00 
Full Payment – $661.50 
(within 3 yrs) – $349.15 

A certificate of attendance will be issued

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